Individual Therapy

People decide to consult for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, lack of confidence or are simply feeling stuck. In other situations, they are grieving the loss of a loved one or are confused after a traumatic event.

Often, people want to learn new ways to manage their stress. This is especially true during periods of change and transition in their lives, such as marriage, pregnancy, parenting, moving, divorce, change of career, illness, and other major life moments.

Stress may be an inevitable part of our lives, but there are several ways to manage it. Recognizing it, learning to slow down, making healthy decisions, and taking control, even if in small ways, all help cope with stress. I work using mindful techniques such as progressive relaxations, visualization, tapping, and deep breathing.

I work with patients to help them gain a better understanding of their feelings and inner conflicts. Key steps include identifying unhealthy, repetitive patterns and making connections with early life experiences. This will enable patients to make positive changes and healthy decisions, reinforcing their strength and confidence.

I also provide coaching for work related issues. I help individuals to transition to more senior positions, improve their relationships with employees and upper management, and aid them with new career transitions.

I tailor the length of the treatment plan (short or long-term) according to the patient’s needs. For patients who travel regularly for work, I can offer the continuity of treatment by having sessions on Skype.